Here at Research Metal Industries, we use the latest technology for increased consistency and precision including CNC machining. CNC machining performs curves as easy as straight lines and makes complex 3-D structures relatively easy to produce.

CNC automation reduces the frequency of errors and provides our CNC operators with time to perform additional tasks. CNC automation also allows for more flexibility in how parts are regulated in the manufacturing process, and time required changing components can be adjusted.

Our CNC Specs include:

  • (2) HAAS VF2, VOP-B, 7500 RPM, 20HP Vector Dual Drive,
    1000 IPM, Travels 30” X, 16” Y, 20” Z, Table Dimensions: 36” x 14”
  • (2) HAAS VF2, VOP-D, 10,000 RPM, 20HP 2-Speed Gear Drive,
    1000 IPM, Travels 30” X, 16” Y, 20” Z, Table Dimensions: 36” x 14”
  • (1) HAAS VF3, VOP-SS, 12,000 RPM, 30HP Vector Inline Direct-Drive,
    1400 IPM, Travels 40” X, 20” Y, 25” Z, Table Dimensions: 48” x 18”
  • (1) HAAS VF5, 7500 RPM, 20HP Vector Drive, Travels 50” X, 26” Y, 25” Z,
    Table Dimensions: 52” x 23”
  • (1) HAAS VF6, 7500 RPM, 20HP Vector Drive, Travels 64” X, 32” Y, 30” Z,
    Table Dimensions: 64” x 28”



A sheet metal forming process in which a sheet metal blank is drawn into a forming die by the mechanical action of a punch. The method of Deep Drawing also benefits from a wide variety of metals that can efficiently be subjected to the process.

Deep Drawing is an ideal application for:

  • Highly detailed asymmetrical parts with exceptional accuracy.
  • Large quantities of rapid reproduction.
  • Minimizing production times and costs.
  • Precision parts in a short time frame.
  • Seamless parts



ID/OD Grinding can machine diameters, shoulders, tapers, fillets, grooves, etc. on the inside or outside of cylindrical parts of tolerances up to +/- 0.00005 and T.I.R 0.000020 allowing Research Metal to provide the highest quality precision ground parts to our customers.

  • (2) Universal Internal Heald 273A Grinders
  • (1) OD Tschudin Swiss Precision Grinder



(Also known as Spinning or Spin Forming) is a metal manipulating method by which a disc or tube of metal is rotated at various speeds and formed into an axially symmetrical part. We perform spinning by hand and on CNC Lathe.

Commercial applications includes nose cones, cookware, cylinders, brass instruments, bells, and waste receptacles. Virtually any pliable metal may be formed from aluminum or stainless steel to high-strength, high-temperature alloys.




Specializing in tight radius and thin wall bending, we bend aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, mild steel, d.o.m. and inconel for aerospace, automotive racing, medical, and commercial fields. All bending is done with mandrels. (.250″ – 4.0″)

End Finishing:

  • 37 and 45 Degree Flares
  • End Beading
  • Expanding
  • Swaging
  • Deburring


Non-conventional Machining Methods and Assembly




We use Electrical Discharge Machining for harder metals or metals that would be more difficult to machine using conventional techniques. Typically used with electrically conductive materials, Wire EDM offers a wide range of possibilities.

Please contact us for machine specs and capabilities.



Using a mixture of water at high velocity and pressure and various abrasive substances, Water Jet Cutting is the preferred method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods. Water Jet can be used for simply cutting, shaping, carving, and reaming and does not cause heat damage to material surface or edges.

Please contact us for machine specs and capabilities.



We assemble all types of orders, quantities, difficulties, and even meet your deadlines. Your requirements and specification are our top priority.

Please contact us for more information.




RMI Welding is NADCAP accredited in accordance with SAE Aerospace Standard AS7003. Our welding staff consists of highly-skilled individuals with several years of experience in aerospace and commercial welding. We are constantly growing and expanding to meet the demand of our customers.

Additional services:

  • Assembly and Weld Configuration
  • Mold Welding and repair
  • Prototype Design
  • Short and long production runs.

We are conveniently located near Anaplex, Astro Aluminum, Parker Hannifin, and Cedtech Inc.